Our company's progress statement on responding to 337 investigation cases

2022-04-04 15:29

Status Report

On November 20th,2020, US Synthetic Corporation (“USS”) requested that the United StatesInternational Trade Commission commence an investigation (“ITC investigation”)against, among others, Fujian Wanlong Superhard Material Technology Co., Ltd.(“Wanlong”) asserting infringement of certain patents. We understand Wanlong’sclients are concerned about purchasing products from Wanlong in light of thepending ITC litigation with USS. In view of documents in the investigation andthe development of the case, previously we provided that this ITC investigationimposes low risk on Wanlong’s clients in purchasing products at current stage,and we provided our opinion.

Currently, ITC hasprovided its initial decision finding no infringement, which means that Wanlonghas no violation of patent law in the United States, and it is free to sell inand import into the US its products. The initial determination can be found at   https://www.usitc.gov/secretary/fed_reg_notices/337/337_1236_notice03022021sgl.pdf. Such initialdecision is public information. The next step is the final decision to beissued by the commission, which will decide whether it will adopt the initialdecision, and the deadline for such decision is July 2022.