R&D support
The company takes technology research and development as the core and focus, and constantly breaks through itself!
| Raw material research |
The raw material laboratory conducts microscopic analysis of PDC main materials such as micropowders and alloys, and studies the influence of various types of materials on the performance of PDC products


| HTHP synthesis process experiment |
Study the synthesis process, study the various temperature and pressure conditions from the pretreatment to the synthesis process of the PDC blank, and understand the performance characteristics of the product under various conditions ——————
| Internal test experiment |
By testing the wear ratio, impact and heat resistance of the synthesized PDC products, and verifying the research and development theory through experimental data, it helps product development. ——————
| Well drilling test |
On the basis of internal testing, products that meet the development goals will be further put into actual drilling applications, and PDC-related data will be collected during the testing and drilling process to further feedback product characteristics for subsequent continuous improvement.
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